Litera Valley School,Patna Ranked 3rd Best School by Times School survey for 3 Consecutive years 2018-'19, 2019-'20 & 2020-'21
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About us

About us

Litera Valley School Patna is entitled as the leading school from the prestigious chain of Mount Litera academic. The prominent chain of Litera Valley was set up in the year 2007 by our respected Director, Sri Amit Prakash. Litera Valley School’s foundation is established by the accumulation of highly-qualified and supremely-influential academic personas. Their consistent determination led to the beautiful evolution of the best school in Bihar in just a short period. 

Broadly recognized as the best school in Patna, LVS happens to be the successful pioneer in Smart Class education comprises technology-enabled classrooms, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, high-end Computer Labs, and specially designed laboratories for Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and Languages. The progression of Litera Valley has happened overtimes, starting from it getting affiliated in the year 2010, moving ahead with the sole motive of developing leaders of the 21 st  century, and become the top school in Patna. 

The value upon which the top CBSE Schools in Patna rely is, What’s Right for the Child? (WRFC) Keeping the focus over this purpose and ensuring that a single-minded devotion is provisioned, all the academic decisions, strategies, and actions are filtered accordingly. This sole processing method certifies the holistic growth and development of the students. The fundamental concept of WRFC ensures that students concern is always kept in mind before making even a minute decision and thorough and impartial training and activity are done daily.

LVS believes in helping young minds grow up to be innovators and creators who are capable enough to take upon the world and write their own success stories. We believe that a student-centric approach can help any institution to stand out and this is what leads us to be one of the top 10 CBSE schools in Patna.  

Our academic excellence ensures a perfect amalgam of the valuable traditions along with promising academic programs, numerous opportunities, fun-filled activities, and supporting faculty. Litera Valley, for the second consecutive years, has ranked 3 rd  amongst the top-school of Patna. LVS has been declared as the best amongst all the non-missionary schools. 

A Litera Valley product, also named as a ‘ Literan ’ happens to earn an academic qualification that aids those getting worldwide recognition.

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