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Litera Valley School

The leading educational excellence in Patna, as an integral part of the prestigious Mount Litera academic network.

Our school was established in 2007 by our distinguished Director, Sri Amit Prakash and has grown into one of the best schools in Bihar.

We take pride in being the first school to bring a smart class model of education in Patna. Our classes are made up of a supportive and fun loving environment with interactive white boards, LCD projectors and modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology. We believe in practical education and we have the best laboratories devoted for science, mathematics and languages.

We received the affiliation soon after establishment in 2010, and since then we are committed to give a complete and personalised adulation to each child that comes to us. Our education system is woven around the philosophy of “What’s Right For Your Child?” (WRFC) ensures a holistic development and a successful future for each child. Our focus on the needs of the student is to develop innovators and artists who are ready to take the world by storm.

We welcome you to the world of Litera Valley School as we redesign the education in your child’s way.

Litera Valley School Team
Team LVS

Our Philosophy

Our school believes that education is not just about learning facts, rather it is a journey of complete development of a child, right from cognitive development to social and emotional well-being. With a student focused approach to education, we make our students active participants in their own learning. We not only guide our students to become their best but also prepare them to make mindful decisions that will lead them in their every successful step.

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Our Core Values
  • Learning is meant to be fun, and so is our school.
  • To build a safe and welcoming environment ready for a day of learning, playing, laughing and excitement. 
  • Make education and opportunities not bounded by the boundaries of the classes.
  • Children are what they see and so we have a strictly respectable environment. We don’t just teach the students to respect, rather we make them understand the value of respecting everyone and being respected. 
Mission Statement

To develop Leaders of the 21st century.

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