Director’s Message


Dear Parents,
It is a great and a very satisfying feeling to have been associated with the growth and holistic development of youngsters for the past decade. Our educational journey began with Litera Valley School at Bhagwat Nagar, Patna and in just a short span of fifteen years, this ‘Temple of Learning’ has come a long way. The journey has indeed been very fruitful from being the first full-fledged ZEE school for the tiny tots to the very dashing and dynamic Grade XII youngsters full of responsible and value-based zest for taking up the challenges of life post senior secondary school, to leading a team of very dedicated mentors who have spared no effort whatsoever in making this institution the largest ZEE Senior Secondary School in the country.

This unique feat has been possible due to the tremendous faith reposed in us by the parents and guardians who gave Team LVS their unwavering support believing that we were here to bring about a radical change in the educational scenario of this glorious city of ours through our visionary emphasis on all-round development of our boys and girls by placing a very happy and stress-free emphasis on STUDIES, SKILLS, SPORTS AND SERVICE towards God, Nation and Humanity.

I am indeed grateful to the Almighty that our wonderful and insightful parents and guardians comprehended so well that “ we don’t believe in the oft misquoted and misused term ‘charity’. For, we believe in solidarity as the former is vertical. So, it’s humbling. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal and it respects the other and learns from the other.” Our children who are the world and who are Our Future have to be imparted practical training and grooming on a daily basis to nurture belief in collaborative learning. To have faith in one another. And it is this personality trait that has taken our youngsters from one milestone to the other with a determined, yet happy smile.

At LVS we firmly believe that “every child has something he or she is good at. We help them discover it and provide them with adequate exposure and opportunities so that they gravitate towards it.” It could be in the realm of academics or fine arts, or music or dancing or dramatics or sports….Gone are those days when we were led to believe in just two or three stereotypes vis-a-vis career choices or preferences. I take immense joy and pride in the fact that our educational vision has helped in instilling this selfbelief in our youngsters that it is a wide open sky with countless stars to reach out for…It’s just that we help them reach out for the stars with joyful perseverance and cheerful persistence

Yes, at Litera Valley School, we believe in an educational system that shows our young minds where to look but does not dictate them what to see…”For, the human mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”

We promise you that our school environment, our learningteaching ambience and the opportunities for growth that we provide will never let the developing and exploring young mind of a boy or girl go back to its original dimensions! That’s a promise! That’s a zealous commitment!


Amit Prakash
Litera Valley School, Patna

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